House of Worship

Preachers and believers gather and have a service in the religious facilities. Several group activities such as praise and education are held in the space. With high quality sound, simple and convenient systems are required to enable users to control the system even though they are not professionals. Inter-M not only conveys high quality sound, but also offers the best solution with customized design considering the feature of religion and the space size.

  • Small-scale Chapel

    A small scale chapel consists of less than 300 seats. In this space, it is needed to make better use of the myriad of sounds coming together by configuring a simple and compact system.
    Inter-M's sound broadcasting system makes it possible even for non-professional users to execute an user-friendly operation. Also, with high quality, clear voice, redouble believers' concentration in the reverent atmosphere.
    The scale is small, nevertheless Inter-M's reliable audio broadcasting system will make the perfect worship environment.

  • Pro audio

  • Live environment

  • Powerful sound

  • Flat frequency

  • Multiple sound
    source inputs

  • Long distance

  • Tuning

System Block Diagram


The system can be applied to small-scale chapel. It can cover from low frequency range to high using a point source speaker. Place two 12 inch 200W 2 way point source speaker, SE-12K on both sides to make it compact but full powered and the main speaker system using the professional power am-plifier V2 Series. Finally, 8 inch 150W multipurpose speaker, SQ-8K will compose the stage monitor environment.
Analog mixer MX Series and analog 31 band EQ device, GEQ-231 will provide easy-to-use operation but of the high quality sound solution.
The gooseneck microphone, MG21 can be used to make delicate sound of speech and dynamic microphone MH Series can be used to make stable but dynamic live concerts. Multi source player and recorder, CDR-01 can use various sound sources like CD, USB and SD card to play high quality sound and receive currently playing sound from the mixer to record and save in the SD card.

BOM (Bill of materials)

Model name Qty Description
Source CDR-01 2 SD Recorder/Multi Source Playe
MH50 4 Hyper Cardioid Dymamic Microphone
MG21/MGB 2 Cardioid Condenser Gooseneck Microphone/
Gooseneck Microphone Table Stand
Controller MX-1646 1 Audio Mixer
GEQ-231 2 31 Band Graphic Equalizer
SPAC-660N 1 Power Sequencer
Amplifier V2-3000 3 500W, 2CH, Professional Power Amplifier
Speaker SE-12K 2 12″, 200W, 2Way Passive Full-range
Multi-purpose Loudspeaker
SQ-8K 4 8″, 150W, 2Way Passive Full Range
Multi-Purpose Loudspeaker

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