BGM System

BGM system helps create the smoothing atmosphere and image offering sound suitable for T.P.O(Time, Place, Occasion). BGM continually plays in the commercial/culture facilities such as restaurants, retail stores and banquet halls. Through the background music, it not only makes the proper atmosphere, but also delivers a good brand image.

  • Customer/Staff Satisfaction Improvement

    BGM playing in the commercial/culture facilities makes fantastic mood and satisfactory time to the customers. The memories will make the customers come back again. It also provides staffs with enjoyable working environment, and it reduces their stress and improves productivity at work. Inter-M suggests a clear sound system to feel relaxed during continuous reproduction of BGM.

  • Brand Image Build-up

    It gives a good image to the customers through music suitable for product and brand. The fast and rhythmic music makes young and sophisticated image in a casual store and classic/jazz music plays to make a classical and fancy image in a luxury store. Also, through repeating logo song with calm music can promote the brand in a brand store.

  • Diverse line-up

    BGM system is available for a small spaces like a retail store to a large place such as a department store. To meet the requirement, Inter-M has a variety of products from a small mixer-amplifier to audio matrix system for multi bus broadcast. Also, diverse sound sources such as CD, tuner, internet radio, MP3, etc. can play high-quality music.

  • Intuitional User Interface

    Users who control installed BGM system might not be an audio professional. Inter-M’s BGM system enables users to select sound sources via the front interface or software control the volume and broadcast selectively. Also, it is possible to set a scheduled broadcast, change sound sources and make an announcement. Through the user-friendly system, we hope you make it easy and simple for your BGM environment.





NPX System


NPX system is an audio matrix system which enables users to broadcast diversified sources selectively. The NPX system starts with 8x8(basic), and also expandable up to 32Xn.
Through various module compositions, it can be installed from small-size to large-size broadcast system for its application scale such as hotel, restaurant, seminar room, hospital and conference center.

Advanced Audio Matrix System

  • Flexible Audio Input/Output Configuration
  • System Expansion via Interface Module
  • Play Sound Source through SD Card
  • Audio Control through DSP
  • PC Program for System Control and Management
  • Contact closure inputs and outputs for connection with external advice
  • Remote control via RS-232C/Ethernet

Optimal Configuration for Separate Control

  • Wall type local controllers for source and volume control
  • Broadcast using local sound sources through the Wall controller audio input
  • Remote MIC for paging broadcast

Easy Control with the Computer Software

  • PC program for system setting, management and operation
  • Input/output audio matrix control
  • DSP control(volume, EQ, filter, compressor, limiter)
  • Event scheduler setup
  • Music player control (SD CARD)

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