Pro Audio

Pro Audio is an effective system to deliver clear and live sound for its audience.
In given architecture space, with sound design and installation, it minimizes the architectural influence to get optimized sound, and delivers even sound to every audience. The system can be utilized in as many applications as user wants along with its various source inputs as well as adequate mixing & tuning process.

  • Support Many Inputs

    To output sound, the system needs to have inputs from source devices such as a dynamic microphone, which is optimized to live environment, and multi-source player, which plays high quality audio.
    The system provides a satisfying moment for both performers and audiences with every sound in the stage that has come from the various sources.

  • Tune for Space

    To set a decent stage, engineer’s role is significant that conducts the whole sound from back stage.
    It is for creating the atmosphere of the stage with suitable volume and tone for each environment.
    Inter-M’s Pro Audio System can stabilize the sound with free mixing and tuning, and create desired sound in any circumstance.

  • Application to Various Spaces

    Inter-M Pro Audio System is consisting of various products from compact-sized to high-power that cover small spaces as well as large venues.

    In addition, speakers are categorized for its purpose such as main loudspeaker or monitoring speaker to construct more effective sound environment.

  • Deliver Clear and Powerful Sound

    To deliver better sound, the system needs good source devices, controllers, amplifiers with undistorted sound output, and speakers that can express the optimized sound received from the amplifier.
    This well-made system delivers delicate yet powerful sound to audiences so that they can feel high quality sound.




Point Source Speaker


Inter-M’s point source speaker consist of 5 types of series with different powers abide by sizes of driver.
The series can be utilized as main speaker, sub speaker, and monitor speaker, and it is also applicable for various environments and spaces with rigging points and pole mounts for easy installation.

IX/IXH series

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