2018 ISE Netherlands Amsterdam

Feb 20, 2018

On-the-scene reporting for Inter-m 2018 ISE Netherlands Amsterdam

Inter-M participated in the 2018 ISE exhibition held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from February 06 to 09 for four days. ISE is an exhibition that has become a global exhibition with the participation of various European countries as well as Asia and USA.

This year’s Inter-M show, It drew attention from the visitors via divided into five sections and efficiently introducing products. At the exhibition booth, it was able to meet products that can read the market trend.

A network converter system was installed to link and control the independent broadcasting systems distributed over different regions.

TCP/IP Network-based system operation enables easy wiring and installation, and allows easy integrated control of the entire system with web-controlled management programs.

It is more cost effective and efficient because it can integrate and manage each area by interlocking or expanding the existing Inter-M equipment(6000 system, NPX  system, ARM-911A) as well as other company’s products.

In addition, it was able to check the EVA MATRIX system which is introduced to the market for the first time and raised expectations and can easily operate the emergency/announcement system based on DANTE and TCP/IP network.

The EVA MATRIX system is a professional emergency and announcement system with 20x8 DSP Matrix, and remote microphone and amplifiers are connected to the system which will get European emergency broadcasting standard EN52-16.  

It detects errors of main signal and communication line in advance and notifies problems immediately with alarm and status check indication to maintain excellent performance and system stability in any environment, and stable operation in emergency situations through power redundancy. It is also a reliable product with stronger security that is accessible only to authorized administrators.

In the middle of the exhibition, a demonstration-oriented seminar was held using speaker panels to prove the excellence of Inter-M PA speakers.

It received a great response from the visitors via introducing how to efficiently control the sound quality of various PA speakers(Ceiling, Column, Wall type) with utilizing DSP of 8x8 audio matrix NPX system for better enhanced the sound quality of Inter-M speakers.

Finally It was able to see and feel how thoroughly Inter-M prepared and worked for this exhibition, with the introduction of Inter-M’s new mixing amplifier, professional speakers and power amplifier with improved performance and unlimited possibilities, and good time to see enthusiastic interest of visitors to the exhibition booth. Through this exhibition, it was able to check the various new product lineup and confidence of Inter-M and remarkable exhibition which was expected to see Inter-M’s move in the future.


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