The RM-8000 is a remote microphone station featuring an eight-key keypad for zone selection. 

Key selection allows paging to only one zone, or to all zones simultaneously. 

The unit features a unidirectional dynamic microphone with a 14” gooseneck extension. 

An audio signal level meter is provided for displaying the signal levels at the input or output. The unit displays the ready / busy 

state status via a LED display. The RM-8000 is designed for use with the PX-8000 matrix controller. 

It is remote powered by 24VDC which is supplied from the PX-8000 matrix controller.


- Convenient installation and construction without need of ID setting.

- Selection of various Chime broadcastings for MIC broadcasting (PRE/POST).

- Convenient priority broadcasting.

- Adoption of  output signal level display.

- Adoption of RS-422 communication method to support a long distance.


Audio Input MIC  -50dB(Balanced)
Frequency Response (100Hz ~ 10kHz) ±3dB 
S/N Better than 65dB 
T.H.D. Less than 0.05%
Serial Interface (RS-422) Communication Speed 9600 bps
Communication Distance Maximum 300m 
(using UTP Cat5)
Operation Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
Power Source DC 24V, 300mA
Weight (SET) 1.5kg/3.2lb
Dimensions (SET) 200(W)x70(H)x206(D)mm/7.9(W)x2.8(H)x8.1(D)in

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