CS-620FH/630FH/680FH series speaker is the speaker for playing music using coxial 2 way unit It is the finest solution for the space such as class room, meeting room which needs high quality sound and high intelligibility


- 6.5 inch coaxial 2way speaker 

- Using high quality matching transformer (100V) 

- Power selection 
   Tap switch 

- Low impedance input terminal 
   It provide an connection terminal of low impedance(8Ω) for playing high quality music. 

- High input power and wide frequency response 
   It is possible to play the wide frequency up to 200Hz~20kHz and high sound pressure music 
   by accepting an output of high rated input and frequency characteristic up to over 40 W(PGM) 

- Wether Resistant 
   IP 34 

- Rust prooting 
   Coating and plating for the rust prooting in order to tnstall and operate the high humidity environment. 

- Offering an installation bracket 
   It ensures an safe installation of speaker by providing high quality speaker installation tools made up 
   with bracket- ring and bracket-rail. 

- Connecting the each output cable of speaker


Rated power20W/10W/5W
Frequency Response (-10dB)200Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1m)88dB
Cut-Out Diameterø200 ~ ø205mm

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