The amplifier is Inter-M power amplifier line up for professional audio market with stable SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) 

applied for low power consumption and light weight, also provides powerful and high quality sound based on high damping factor.


- 2Ω-load stable per channel, 4Ω-load stable in bridged mono

- 2U rack space

- Switch mode power supply available for high efficiency and low weight

- Forced air cooled(front panel intake, rear panel exhaust)

- Front panel indicators for output signal, clip, protect and power

- Rack ears for permanent installation in a standard 19”(rack mount width) enclosure

- Selectable high pass filter on each channel-clip limiter circuitry

- Gain selectable switch for both channel

- Front removable dust filters


MODEL V2-1000 V2-2000 V2-3000 V2-4000
AC 120V AC 230V AC 240V AC 120V AC 230V AC 240V AC 120V AC 230V AC 240V AC 120V AC 230V AC 240V
Continuous average output power per channel
Stereo Mode
(1kHz, Both channels driven) 
8Ω (T.H.D 0.1%) 190W 180W 170W 320W 300W 280W 550W 550W 500W 750W 750W 650W
4Ω (T.H.D 0.1%) 340W 320W 300W 550W 530W 500W 1000W 1000W 900W 1300W 1300W 1150W
2Ω (T.H.D 0.5%) 580W 580W 500W 900W 900W 850W 1600W 1650W 1400W 2000W 2100W 1800W
Bridged Mono Mode 8Ω (T.H.D 0.1%) 720W 700W 650W 1150W 1100W 1000W 2000W 2000W 1800W 2600W 2600W 2400W
4Ω (T.H.D 0.5%) 1200W 1150W 1100W 1900W 1850W 1700W 3200W 3300W 3000W 4000W 4200W 3800W
Input Sensitivity (Rated output power @4Ω) 1.1V 1V 1V 1.1V 1V 1V
Voltage Gain (Rated output power @4Ω) 31dB 33dB 36dB 37dB
Frequency Response (1W @8Ω)   20Hz~20kHz ±0.3dB
- 3dB point 5Hz~70kHz
Damping Factor (100Hz, Rated output power @8Ω)  more than 380 more than 450  more than 400
T.H.D (20Hz~20kHz, 10dB Below rated output power @4Ω) less than 0.05%
Channel Separation (1kHz, 3dB Below rated output power @8Ω) less than 70dB
Residual Noise  less than 75dB less than 73dB
Signal to Noise Ratio (Rated output power @8Ω, 20Hz~20kHz) 106dB
Output Circuitry  Class AB   2 Step Class H
Input Impedance  12 kΩ Balanced
HPF (30Hz/50Hz) 12dB/oct
Indicators Prot/Clip, Signal, Power
Protection Circuitry   Full Short Circuit, Thermal Protection
Power ON/OFF Muting,  DC Output Protection
Cooling     Variable Speed Fans, Front to Rear Air Flow
Connectors Input : XLR(Female), 1/4″ TRS,
Output : 4 Pole Speaker Socket   
Operating Temperature/Humidity Temperature : -10°C ~ +40°C / Humidity : 0% ~ 90%
Power Source      AC 120V AC 230V AC 240V AC 120V AC 230V AC 240V AC 120V AC 230V AC 240V AC 120V AC 230V AC 240V
60Hz 50Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 50Hz
Power Consumption (1/8 Rated output power @4Ω) 6A 3A 4A 8A 4A  5A  12A 6A 6A 14A 7A 7A
Weight (SET) 10.7kg / 23.6lb 10.9kg / 24lb 12kg / 26.4lb 12.1kg / 26.7lb
Dimensions (SET)                                               482(W) x 88(H) x 407(D)mm / 19(W) x 3.5(H) x 16(D)in

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