The DSA100D is a compact half rack digital power amplifier. This two channel amplifier uses Class D circuitry and switch 

mode power supply delivering High power output with great efficiency. Its high efficiency design ensures low power consumption 

with very low heat dissipation. Features include an input sensitivity adjustment, a high pass filter and remote contact closure power on. 

The amplifier outputs can be bridged offering twice the output on one speaker line. Euro Block type input and output terminals 

simplifies quick and easy of installation. Using a external Output Transformer Unit (OPT-100D), DSA-100D can be used in 

applications require a high impedance amplifier.


- Compact Design

  The DSA Series is a amplifier 100 watts x 2 of Power that is housed in half rack 1 RU compact chassis. Ideal

  for applications where high power stereo amplification is required such as board room and class rooms.


- Professional Grade D-Class Amplifier and Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

  Class D amplifier offer improved total harmonic distortion with an increased signal to noise ratio of

  professional grade sound quality. SMPS creates a high efficiency amplifier offering reduced power

  consumption and low heat dissipation.


- APD (Auto Power Down)

  The amplifiers automatically enter into a standby mode after 30 min when unit is not in active, it takes a

  advantage of reducing power consumption.

  The unit returns to operating status within 3 sec upon signal detection.

- GAIN selection switch

  Selectable proper input sensitivity of amplifier either +4dBu (1.2283V) or -20dBu (77.5mV)


- High Pass Filter (120Hz)

  Built in High Pass Filter to protect the speaker against unwanted low frequency.


- Bridge-Mono Mode

  Bridging allows power to be output at 200 watts.


- Power Mode Selection Switch

  There are 3 selectable power mode switch (ON/REMOTE/OFF). When switch is selected as REMOTE, the

  amplifiers can be remotely power ON/OFF control.


- Remote Power Connector

  The remote power allows the amplifier to be turned on or off from a distance or other device via dry contact



- Front siganl and protection LED indicators

  LED indicators for POWER, STAND BY, PROTECTION, SIGNAL and CLIP on the front panel give a easy

  verification of operation status.


- Advanced Protection Circuitry

  Advanced protection circuitry guards against overheating, shorted outputs, DC output, overloads.


- Balanced Input

  This connection is used to ensure the lowest noise operation which eliminates the common noise from the cable.


- VCA (Voltage Control Amplifier) Control (Only DSA-100DV)

  Voltage-controlled amplifier is an electronic amplifier that varies its gain depending on a control voltage. These

  two terminals provide connection for an external potentiometer. When the potentiometer is connected, it allows

  for remote control of the master volume level.

  Note that individual input volume control positions limit the maximum output level adjustable with the remote

  volume control .


Rated Output Power 20kHz LPF, AUX-0025.
@ 1kHz.
@ THD + N = 1%.
2 Channel  More than 100W 
More than 55W
Bridged More than 200W
Peak Power Bridged 4Ω 1kHz 10cycle 280W
Input Sensitivity 20kHz LPF, AUX-0025.
@ 1kHz.
GAIN SWITCH +4dBu(1.2283V) +4dBu± 2dB
GAIN SWITCH -20dBu(77.5mV) -20dBu± 2dB
Damping Factor 1KHz, Rated Output Power @ 8Ω 110
THD + N 20kHz LPF, AUX-0025.
@ 1kHz.
@ 10dB Below Rated Output  Power
2 Channel
10dB Below
4Ω 1kHz 0.02% 0.03%
2 Channel
10dB Below
8Ω 1kHz 0.02% 0.03%
10dB Below
8Ω 1kHz 0.02% 0.03%
S/N 20kHz LPF, AUX-0025, A-WTD. 93dB 92dB
Frequency Response INPUT 1.2283 vrms.
VOLUME Adjust.
2 Channel Output 1W / 8Ω
HPF INPUT 1.2283 vrms.
VOLUME Adjust.
2 Channel Output
1W / 4Ω
120Hz -3dB ± 2dB (-12dB / oct)
Channel Separation 20kHz LPF, AUX-0025.
@ 3dB Beloaw
Rated Output Power
Channel Output
3dB Below
1kHz -65dB
 Operation Temperature / Humidity -10℃ ~ +40℃ / 0% ~ 90%
  Power Source   AC 100–240V, 50/60Hz
(Supplied AC mains transformer depends on country requirements)
  Power Consumption (1/8 Rated Output Power @4Ω) 45W
STAND BY Power Consumption Less than 1W
  Weight(set) 2.5kg/5.5lb
  Dimensions(set) 210(W) x 44(H) x 280(D)mm /8.3(W) x 1.73(H) x 11(D)in


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