The Inter-M PA-240 are integrated mixer amplifiers. They are complete and economical multi-purpose desktop 

mixer-amplifiers providing a cost-effective solution to public address and similar applications. Three versions are 

available with outputs of 60 watts respectively into direct (4 ohms) or distributed (70V/100V line) speaker systems. 

Each have six inputs; five microphones or line level selectable balanced on XLR-F and/or euro block connector inputs 

with rear mounted level selector switch setting the input sensitivity from mic to line level. The sixth input is high impedance

unbalanced on summing RCA connectors. A telephone input terminal is provided for telephone paging. 

Base and treble tone control provide sound equalization. VOX priority override is available on mic 1-2 and telephone inputs. 

Additionally there is a preamp mix out (500mV, 600 ohm); main amp in (1V, 47k ohm); which allows linking of multiple

amplifiers together. A master volume control, loudspeaker zone selection (5 zone and “allcall”) on 70/100 volt outputs and

built-in chime and siren tones (manual operation) is also featured. 

The PA-Series amplifier is designed for reliable service in permanent installations, and comes complete with short-circuit and

thermal protection and is ideal for voice reproduction and BGM applications. The PA-Series is an ideal solution for medical 

offices, restaurants, schools, etc.


- 2U Size

- 240W output power

- 5 Microphone/Line Inputs, Stereo Line Input and TEL IN with individual volume control

- EXT Input and MIX Output

- Input Signal LED Indicator per channel

- Output Level LED Display

- BASS/TREBLE Tone Controls

- 5 Speaker Zone Selection Switches





MODEL PA-60 PA-120 PA-240
100V/70V High-Z Output
  Rated Output Power (@1kHz, THD 1%) 60W 120W 240W
  Frequency Response (@ 1W, Rated Load, ±3dB) 80Hz ~ 17kHz
  THD (@ Rated Power, 1kHz)  Less than 1%
  S/N (Line input) more than 78dB
  TONE CONTROL (100Hz, 10kHz, ±3dB) ±10dB
  Input Sensitivity / Impedance
  INPUT 1~5 MIC -50dBu / 2kΩ (Balance)
LINE -10dBu / 2kΩ (Balance)
  INPUT 6 -10dBu / 10kΩ (Balance)
  TEL IN 0dBu / 10kΩ (Balance)
  EXT IN 0dBu / 20kΩ (Unbalance)
  MIX OUT / Impedance 0dBu / 10kΩ (Unbalance)
 Speaker Output Level/Impedance 100V  region 100V / 167Ω 100V / 84Ω 100V / 42Ω
 70V  region 70V / 82Ω 70V / 41Ω 70V / 21Ω
8/4Ω Output 
  Rated Output Power (@1kHz, THD 1%) 40W 120W 180W
60W 160W 240W
  Frequency Response (@ 1W, 8Ω, ±3dB) 80Hz – 17kHz
General Specifications
  Operation Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
  Power Source AC 120–240V, 50/60Hz
(Supplied AC mains transformer depends on country requirements)
   Power Consumption (1/8W output) 40W 60W 90W
   Weight (SET) 6.2kg / 13.7Ib 7.4kg / 16.3Ib 9.8kg / 21.6Ib
 Dimensions (SET) 420(W) x 88(H) x 319(D)mm/16.5(W)x3.5(H)x12.6(D)in

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