The PD-6359 is a rack-mountable power distributor. it offers a convenient way to power a rack full of equipment


- AC/DC Power Distribution
   PD-6359 is the customized AC/DC power solution for Inter-m rack mount system and it will power up and protect 
   all system equipment.
   SWITCHED : The power is supplied when the main power switch is on.
   UNSWITCHED : The power is supplied regardless the main power switch is on or off.
   AMP ONLY : The terminal to delivered a DC 24V from the battery when AC power cut off.

- Heavy Duty Power Distribution
   AC 220V : 2000W x 3(SWITCHED) / 700W x 1(UNSWITCHED)
   DC 24V : 5A

-  PC Monitoring
   Power supply status monitoring by window program of 6000 system

- Remote Control
   Remote option allows turn-on and turn-off at a distance by window program of 6000 system or remote contact terminal.

- Sequential Power Distribution
   When power switch is on, it turn-on delay intervals by 2 seconds in order of AC CH3 → AC CH2 → AC CH1. 
   When switched to “OFF,” the sequence is reversed.

- Constant Power Distribution
   UNSWITCHED AC/DC power outjet for equipments that require a uninterruptible power supply

   The terminal connects with battery and supplies DC power 24V to equipments when power outages occur.

- Voltage/Current Display
   Front LCD displays status of power distribution

- AC/DC Power Fuse
   The easy accessible power fuse provide optimal overload protection and easy maintenance.


AC Outlet Europe,SaudiArabia SWITCHED : 2000W x 3, UNSWITCHED : 700W x 1
U.S.A SWITCHED : 1000W x 3, UNSWITCHED : 350W x 1
Remote Control 1
DC Power Output DC 24V, 3.5A
Operation Temperature -10°C ~ +40°C
Power Source 100–120VAC or 220–240VAC; 50/60Hz
(Supplied AC mains transformer depends on country requirements)
Power Consumption 220W
Weight (SET) Europe, U.S.A 10.5kg/23.1lb
Saudi Arabia 10.98kg/24.2lb
Dimensions (SET) 482(W)x132(H)x280(D)mm/19(W)x5.2(H)x11(D)in

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