The RM-911D is a remote microphone station featuring a ten-key keypad for message playback selection. Key selection

allows activation of pre-recorded message. 

The unit features a unidirectional dynamic microphone with a 14” gooseneck extension. An audio signal level meter is 

provided for displaying the signal levels at the input or output.

The unit displays the ready / busy state status via a LED display.

The RM-911D is designed for use with the ARM-911A Automated Remote Messaging controller. It can be remote

powered from the ARM-911A for a distance up to 300 meters.

It requires to be locally powered by an optional 24VDC when installed distance above 300 meters. Talk button can

be push to talk or latch on / latch off depending on dipswitch setting. A pre-announce and post announce chime

is also available with a built-in 1 watt monitor speaker.


- Direct broadcasting of Emergency Message

  By pressing one of 10 instant play buttons, message file can be directly played.

- Remote Control of ARM-911

  Using RM-911D/W, emergency message of ARM-911 can be controlled at remote place.

- Emergency Broadcasting using MIC

  Using MIC of RM-911D/W, emergency voice broadcasting can be done at remote place.

- Talk mode

  Using mode switch, TALK mode can be set.

- Chime 

  Using mode switch, Chime can be used.

- Monitor Speaker

  Chime and MIC voice can be monitored using installed monitor speaker.

- External Adaptor (OPTION)

  External Adaptor can be used to extend the operable cable length.

  When external adaptor is used the power con-sumption ARM-911 is decreased.


MIC INPUT (1kHz) Balanced Unbalanced
Input Sensitivity -50dBu ±3dB
Signal to Noise Ratio
(S/N, 20kHz LPF, A-WTD)
NOR: 65dB NOR: 63dB
LIM: 60dB LIM: 58dB
Total Harmonic Distortion
(THD, 20kHz LPF)
NOR: 0.3%, LIM: 0.7%
Frequency Response (+1/-3dB) 150Hz - 18kHz
Monitor Amp 0.5W 16Ω -
Maximum Operable Distance CAT5E (50℃) Cable resistance ≤ 30Ω: 300m
30Ω< Cable resistance ≤ 80Ω: 100m
Power Source  24VDC (From ARM-911)
Power Consumption (From ARM-911 DC 24V) 4.8W 2W
Weight (SET) 1.37kg 1.7kg
Dimensions (SET) 200(W)x67(H)x206(D)mm/3.9(W)x2.6(H)x8.1(D)in 261(W)x188(H)x46(D)mm/10.3(W)x7.4(H)x1.8(D)in

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