CSQ-K Series is a 2Way Passive Multi-purpose High Power Loudspeaker made by prominent professionals. By its efficient enclosure tuning and passive network tuning, the series covers a large area with powerful sound sources. 

It has high power rating and efficiency as well as capability to play a broad range of frequency response. It offers dynamic sound even in low frequency range. It applied rotatable asymmetric horn to provide seamless sound and express rich sound by flat frequency response. 

CSQ-K Series is a multipurpose speaker which can be used for both fixed and portable purposes using numerous rigging points and hole cups. It can be used as a main speaker, sound fill, front fill, under balcony delay and monitor speaker. In particular, CSQ-K Series adopts FAAL(Flexible Angle & Auto Lock) hole cup to adjust vertical angle of beam spread when used as a stand front speaker. 

Moreover, the series applies ANSI standardized enclosure and environmentally friendly flame-proof sound absorbing materials. CSQ-K Series is made by remarkable specialists in the biggest Korean domestic speaker factory. It is highly recommended for the professionals. 


- True Multipurpose Two-Way Loudspeaker Systems

- IMPALA HF driver Protection circuitry

- EMINENCE LF driver

- Titanium Compression Drivers

- Flexible-Angle and 10 Rigging points for suspension(M8)

- Optimized enclosure design for smooth and extended response

- Selected high quality rigid plywood

- The advanced crossover design provides smooth and clear response.

- Heavy duty grille

- Asymmetrical horn design(Rotatable)


Type2Way Passive Point Source2Way Passive Point Source2Way Passive Point Source2Way Passive Point Source
Frequency Range (±3dB)110Hz ~ 20kHz99Hz ~ 20kHz108Hz ~ 20kHz102Hz ~ 20kHz
Frequency Response (-10dB)76Hz ~ 20kHz78Hz ~ 20kHz78Hz ~ 20kHz71Hz ~ 20kHz
Rated Power (AES)225W280W400W480W
Rated Power (Program)450W560W800W960W
Rated Power (Peak)900W1100W1600W1920W
Recommended Amplifier Power450W560W800W1000W
Sensitivity (1W/1m)92dB94dB97dB100dB
Maximum SPL (Peak)122dB124dB129dB133dB
Nominal Dispersion70° (narrow) ~ 110° (wide)H/30° (up) ~ 45° (down)V70° (narrow) ~ 110° (wide)H/30° (up) ~ 45° (down)V70° (narrow) ~ 110° (wide)H/30° (up) ~ 45° (down)V70° (narrow) ~110° (wide)H
/30° (up) ~ 45° (down)V
Nominal Impedance
LF Driver8" Woofer, 2" voice coil10" Woofer, 2" voice coil12" Woofer, 3" voice coil15" Woofer, 3" voice coil
HF Driver1" Tweeter, 1.35" voice coil1" Tweeter, 1.35" voice coil1" Tweeter, 1.75" voice coil1" Tweeter, 2.03" voice coil
HornAsymmetrical Horn (Rotatable)Asymmetrical Horn (Rotatable)Asymmetrical Horn (Rotatable)Asymmetrical Horn (Rotatable)
Enclosure Material15T Birch Plywood, Polyurea Coating15T Birch Plywood, Polyurea Coating15T Birch Plywood, Polyurea Coating15T Birch Plywood, Polyurea Coating
GrilleSECC 1.5t, Powder Coating / BLACKSECC 1.5t, Powder Coating / BLACKSECC 1.5t, Powder Coating / BLACKSECC 1.5t, Powder Coating / BLACK
Connection2 X SPEAKON(1+,1-) [Parallel]2 X SPEAKON(1+,1-) [Parallel]2 X SPEAKON(1+,1-) [Parallel]2 X SPEAKON(1+,1-) [Parallel]
Fittings/Suspension10×M8 inserts, Flexible-angle Pole Cup10 x M8 inserts, PoleCup12 x M8 inserts, PoleCup12 x M8 inserts, PoleCup
FinishPolyurea CoatingPolyurea CoatingPolyurea CoatingPolyurea Coating
Weights (Net)11.52kg/25.4lb12.82kg/29.3lb22.41kg/49.4lb26.18kg/59.7lb
Dimensions (Net, W×H×D)268×450×258mm/10.6×17.7×10.2in308×490×289mm/12.2×19.3×11.4in358×573×338mm/14.1×22.6×13.3in428×644×403mm/16.9×25.4×15.9in
Optional AccessoriesSB-30HA (Wall Bracket)SB-30HA (Wall Bracket)SB-30HA (Wall Bracket)SB-30HA (Wall Bracket)


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