The RM-911W is a surface wall-mounted remote microphone station featuring a ten-key keypad for message playback selection. 

Key selection allows activation of pre-recorded message.

The unit features a unidirectional dynamic tear-drop, push-to-talk hand held microphone with a retractable coil type cable extension. 

An audio signal level meter is provided for displaying the signal levels at the input or output.

The unit displays the ready / busy state status via a LED display. The RM-911W is designed for use with the ARM-911A 

Automated Remote Messaging controller. It can be remote powered from the ARM-911A for a distance up to 300 meters.

It requires to be locally powered by an optional 24VDC when installed distance above 300 meters.


- Direct broadcasting of Emergency Message

  By pressing one of 10 instant play buttons, message file can be directly played.

- Remote Control of ARM-911

  Using RM-911D/W, emergency message of ARM-911 can be controlled at remote place.

- Emergency Broadcasting using MIC

  Using MIC of RM-911D/W, emergency voice broadcasting can be done at remote place.

- External Adaptor (OPTION)

  External Adaptor can be used to extend the operable cable length.

  When external adaptor is used the power con-sumption ARM-911 is decreased.


MIC INPUT (1kHz) Balanced Unbalanced
Input Sensitivity -50dBu ±3dB
Signal to Noise Ratio
(S/N, 20kHz LPF, A-WTD)
NOR: 65dB NOR: 63dB
LIM: 60dB LIM: 58dB
Total Harmonic Distortion
(THD, 20kHz LPF)
NOR: 0.3%, LIM: 0.7%
Frequency Response (+1/-3dB) 150Hz - 18kHz
Monitor Amp 0.5W 16Ω -
Maximum Operable Distance CAT5E (50℃) Cable resistance ≤ 30Ω: 300m
30Ω< Cable resistance ≤ 80Ω: 100m
Power Source  24VDC (From ARM-911)
Power Consumption (From ARM-911 DC 24V) 4.8W 2W
Weight (SET) 1.37kg 1.7kg
Dimensions (SET) 200(W)x67(H)x206(D)mm/3.9(W)x2.6(H)x8.1(D)in 261(W)x188(H)x46(D)mm/10.3(W)x7.4(H)x1.8(D)in

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