All new WS Series is the Installation Speaker which is weather resistant and it also brightens the venue with its elegant design. The speakers can be used in various applications from small-sized venues to mid/large-sized venues.
It particularly fits in facilities that needs to play high quality of background music (cafe, hotel lobby, etc.), educational facilities (auditorium, conference room, etc.), and cultural facilities (exhibition hall, etc.)
WS Series is composed of 4 models from 2.5” Full-Range unit installed compact-sized WS-15T to 6.5” 2way model WS-80T. The WS Series has been applied with newly developed Full-Range unit, HF and LF driver unit to provide powerful and clear sound without distortion. Moreover, 2 way model adopts asymmetrical horn design to cover listening area perfectly. With a speaker terminal on the rear panel of all WS Series models, 100V / 70V line (separate models) and low impedance (8 Ω) output can be adjusted by user. WS Series has obtained 54 IP grade which enables to be used in various indoor and outdoor applications. Install with steel-made durable U bracket or rotatable Knuckle bracket by user's demand. Now, experience Inter-M’s WS Series speaker with both eyes and ears.


● A Selection of Line-up

 70V/100V Multi-tap Transformer

● Compact Size with High Power 

● Asymmetric Horn for the Optimized Sound System

● Weather Resistant Design

● Sound Quality of Professional Audio

● Easy installation


Type2.5" Full-range Wall Mount Speaker4" 2Way Passive Wall Mount Speaker5" 2Way Passive Wall Mount Speaker6.5" 2Way Passive Wall Mount Speaker
Driver2.5"WF : 4", TW : 13mmWF : 5", TW : 13mmWF : 6.5", TW : 13mm
Power Handling (AES)15W30W50W80W
Input Power100V15W30/15W50/25W80/40W
Power SelectionBy TerminalBy TerminalBy TerminalBy Terminal
Frequency Response(-10dB)120Hz ~ 20kHz108Hz ~ 20kHz94Hz ~ 20kHz80Hz ~ 20kHz
Frequency Range(-20%)111Hz ~ 20kHz83Hz ~ 20kHz69Hz ~ 20kHz60Hz ~ 20kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1m, 1kHz)79dB84dB87dB86dB
Maximum SPL[Cont]90dB95dB104dB105dB
Nominal Dispersion(HxV)1kHz90°Asymmetric Horn
Horizontal Coverage : Far Field 60°, Near Field 120°
Vertical Coverage : upward +20°, downward -40° (On Axis)
Input connection3P Screw Terminal4P Screw Terminal4P Screw Terminal4P Screw Terminal
Enclosure MaterialABSABSABSABS
Enclosure ColorBlack/WhiteBlack/WhiteBlack/WhiteBlack/White
Grille MaterialMetal GrilleMetal GrilleMetal GrilleMetal Grille
Grille ColorBlack/WhiteBlack/WhiteBlack/WhiteBlack/White
Weights (Net)0.89kg1.68kg2.34kg3.58kg
Dimensions (Net, WxHxD, mm)92 x 120 x 114139 x 210 x 129173 x 250 x 150210 x 311 x 169
Weather ResistantIP54IP54IP54IP54
Flame Resistant----
Included AccessoriesKnuckle Bracket
Safety Wire
U Bracket
Safety Wire
U Bracket
Safety Wire
U Bracket
Safety Wire


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