CU-40 series models are standard column speakers achieving broad frequency band in order to be used for multi-purposes like emergency broadcasting, general broadcasting, and BGM broadcasting. They have a solid design through aluminum body and steel grill and provide wall mounting knuckles and U-brackets. They also provide indoor and outdoor types in order to use them at various places such as station, airport, shopping mall, theme park, and parking lot.


◆ Use 4” full-range of unit having excellent sound quality/articulation/durability
◆ Indoor type, 100V/70V line of high impedance steel model
◆ Use solid aluminum body and flame retarding grill
◆ Are suitable to announcement and emergency broadcasting as well as BGM play with the feature of broad 
   frequency response
◆ Are installed harmoniously to the architectural design with light grey color
◆ Have 3 types of models which you can select the optimal power among 10W/20W/40W depending on the use
◆ Show the maximum feature of exclusive speaker unit with the use of high-performance matching transformer produced 
   by Inter-M
◆ Easy input power selection through wiring
◆ Provide exclusive knuckle bracket which enables the angle adjustment 30 degree downward and each 90 degree 
   toward right and left


Model CU-41F CU-42F CU-44F
Type Single 4" Full-range Column Speaker Dual 4" Full-range Column Speaker Quad 4" Full-range Column Speaker
Driver 4" x 1 4" x 2 4" x 4
Power Handling (AES) 10W 20W 40W
Input Power 100V 10/7.5/5/2.5W 20/15/10/5W 40/30/20/10W
70V 10/7.5/5/2.5W 20/15/10/5W 40/30/20/10W
Impedance 100V 1k/1.3k/2k/4kΩ 500/660/1k/2kΩ 250/330/500/1kΩ
70V 500/660/1k/2kΩ 250/330/500/1kΩ 125/160/250/500Ω
LOW - - -
Power Selection By Wiring By Wiring By Wiring
Frequency Response(-10dB) 135Hz ~ 20kHz 133Hz ~ 20kHz 130Hz ~ 20kHz
Frequency Range(-20%) 111Hz ~ 20kHz 100Hz ~ 20kHz 97Hz ~ 20kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1m, 1kHz) 88dB 90dB 92dB
Maximum SPL[Cont] 98dB 103dB 108dB
Nominal Dispersion(HxV) 1kHz 167˚ x 110˚ 176˚ x 103˚ 146˚ x 53˚
4kHz 69˚ x 83˚ 95˚ x 29˚ 70˚ x 15˚
Input connection Bi-Wired INPUT Line Direct Connection
Enclosure Material AL Body/ABS top, bottom Cover
Enclosure Color Light Gray Light Gray Light Gray
Grille Material Metal Grille Metal Grille Metal Grille
Grille Color Light Gray Light Gray Light Gray
Weight (Net) 1.95kg 3.15kg 4.75kg
Dimensions (Net, WxHxD, mm) 156 x 300 x 129 156 x 400 x 129 156 x 600 x 129
Weather Resistant - - -
Flame Resistant O O O
Certification KS KS KS
Included Accessories Wall Bracket Wall Bracket Wall Bracket


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