The PN Series is a network device with a built-in mixing amplifier that allows network audio reception and remote control. It can be used in various places such as educational facilities, franchise stores, and instal- lation environments such as CCTV cameras that require audio transmission through the network. Unlike conventional mixing amplifiers, it can be controlled through the software MS-N300 of the network con- necting system, allowing remote monitoring and control of functions such as 'audio volume setting', 'sound file management' and 'priority setting' through the network.


Reception of Network Audio
In conjunction with our integrated software (MS-N300), it can receive digital network audio in LAN / WAN environment in real time.

Remote Control and System Management through Network
After accessing the web page through the network, it can control the volume and master volume of each channel of the equipment or control the system even from a distance.

High Efficiency Class-D Amplifier
Designed as a Class-D amplifier for high efficiency and low power

Analogue Audio Input Terminal Support
XLR and RCA analogue audio inputs are provided.

1.3 inch OLED
Check the device status through 1.3inch OLED

Priority Setting Function for Broadcasting
Free setting the priority as user wants.

Setting for Output Impedance 70V/100V/Low-Z
Setting the output impedance to 70V/100V/Low-Z by operating the impedance setting switch on the rear of the product.

Standby Mode
Enter the standby mode through the web page and the power consumption is minimized when entering the standby mode.


  PN-106 PN-112 PN-224 PN-236 PN-248 PN-260
Output Power (1kHz,THD. 1%,AES17) Low-Z/70V/100V 60W 120W 240W 360W 480W 600W
Frequency Response (1W,    0±3dB, 20kHz LPF) LINE / Audio Client 80Hz~15kHz 80Hz~15kHz
MIC 100Hz~15kHz 100Hz~15kHz
THD (Rated Power, 1kHz, AES17) Less than 1% Less than 1%
(S/N, A-WTD)
LINE / Audio Client More than 70dB More than 70dB
MIC More than 55dB More than 55dB
Input Sensitivity / Impedance
Input 1 /
Input Impedance
MIC -60dBV / 2kΩ (Balanced) -60dBV / 2kΩ (Balanced)
Input 2 /
Input Impedance
LINE 0dBV / 24kΩ (Unbalanced) 0dBV / 24kΩ (Unalanced)
MIC -60dBV / 2kΩ (Balanced) -60dBV / 2kΩ (Balanced)
Input 3 (Network) Audio Client 0dBV 0dBV
Speaker Output Level / Impedance 100V / 166Ω 100V / 84Ω 100V /42Ω 100V /27.7Ω 100V /20.8Ω 100V /16.6Ω
70V/ 82Ω 70V / 41Ω 70V / 21Ω 70V/ 13.6Ω 70V / 10.2Ω 70V / 8.1Ω
22V / 8Ω 22V / 4Ω 31V / 4Ω 38V / 4Ω 44V / 4Ω 49V / 4Ω
Network Communication 100/1000 base-T (RJ-45) 100/1000 base-T (RJ-45)
Operating Temperature -10~ +40 -10~ +40
Operating Power AC 120-240V, 50/60Hz AC 220-240V, 50/60Hz AC 120V-240V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption (Rated/8 W output) 55W 110W 150W
Weight (Set) 4.49kg 5.02kg 5.23kg
Dimensions (Set) 420(W) x 44(H) x 320(D)mm 420(W) x 88(H) x 320(D)mm

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