Company Philosophy

CEO Message

April 13, 2023


We will do our best to become an Inter-M that impresses our customers.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers who always support Inter-M with unchanging affection and interest.

Inter-M has been doing its best to provide a system that delivers better sound and video and services that can impress customers, and as a result, Inter-M has grown into a leading company in the audio and video Device industry.

We promise to show you the image of a company that is constantly changing and not satisfied with the current position in the future. Customers' interest and love for Inter-M, which is striving for transparent and upright management to become a company that fulfills its responsibilities for customers and society, will be a great help for Inter-M to become a top-notch company.

Inter-M will be with customers anytime, anywhere. Along with customer satisfaction, Inter-M will move forward. The heart for customers is the strength of Inter-M.

Thank you

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