Environmental Management

Environmental Management

  • All employees of Inter-M Co., Ltd.
    consider the environment as the top
    priority in their work to realize
    sustainable eco-friendly development.

  • In addition to faithfully complying with
    environmental laws and regulations and
    environmental requirements, establish a
    common awareness with stakeholders on
    eco-friendly policies, and pursue ESG
    management based on this.

  • All employees establish detailed goals
    and action plans to understand and
    comply with the environmental
    management policy, and continuously
    improve through appropriate training
    and monitoring.

  • We strive to become a company trusted
    by customers and local communities by
    transparently disclosing environmental
    information and performance.

Environmental management promotion plan

All employees of Inter-M Co., Ltd., in all areas of corporate activity, strive to pass on a beautiful earth to our
descendants through environmental preservation and resource saving, and through continuous technology
development based on the people-oriented management philosophy and environmental improvement, the
future will be an eco-friendly and prosperous life. We promise to keep working hard to

Environmental management practice plan

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Work environment

  • Establishment of environmental management system
  • Maintain environmental management system certification
  • Facility eco-friendly
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In-house environment

  • Minimize Pollutant Emissions
  • Reduction of waste generation and continuous increase in recycling
  • Securing environmental management leadership

Environmental management certification

KS Q ISO 14001 Environmental Management System