Quality management

Quality management

Quality Management Policy

Inter-M Co., Ltd. establishes and complies with regulations and standards based on the quality
product safety management system to provide high-quality products and services to customers at an appropriate price. We will
always do our best to become Inter-M that realizes maximum customer satisfaction through the world's best
quality management.

  • 01

    In order to achieve this policy, a quality and product safety
    management system is established, and a preventive
    management system is promptly established to accurately carry
    out designated tasks in a designated manner.

  • 02

    Our quality and product safety management system manual was
    established to satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001 in order to
    practice and achieve quality goals in accordance with the quality
    policy, and all our executives and staff members follow the
    regulations and standards set forth in the quality policy and
    quality system. Fully understand and fully understand and fulfill
    assigned roles and responsibilities faithfully.

  • 03

    The CEO appoints the head of the quality department as a
    quality management agent and assigns responsibility for the
    implementation and maintenance of the quality management

  • 04

    The quality management agent performs overall tasks related to
    the quality system, and strives to establish a prompt preventive
    management system to create added value by checking,
    managing, and taking action on quality improvement efforts and
    quality assurance activity results.

Quality Management Goal

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Quality Management Certificate

KS Q ISO 9001 Quality Management System
KS Q ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management System
Certificate of Innobiz Technology Innovation Small and Medium Business
Korean service quality excellent company certificate