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Inter-M, establishes itself as a leader in innovation and growth…Global Market Leap

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[Information and Communication Newspaper = Reporter Park Nam-soo]


InterM Co., Ltd., a domestic broadcasting equipment company, continues to grow based on its innovative technology and outstanding competitiveness.


InterM was selected for the export voucher project organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.


Export gift certificates (vouchers) are support projects that can be selected and used within the menu of 14 overseas promotion (marketing) services, including design development, promotion, buyer (buyer) discovery, overseas certification, and international transportation, through gift certificates (vouchers), consisting of government subsidies and corporate contributions.


6,966 domestic and export companies applied for the recruitment of companies participating in the export voucher program, showing a competition ratio of 3.7 to 1.


Inter-M was selected through evaluation items such as product competitiveness, production capacity, differentiation of technology, establishment of export strategy goals, corporate financial soundness, and efforts to develop new markets.


We are very happy to further strengthen our competitiveness in the global market through the selection of this export voucher project, said Kim Je-kyung, head of InterM's overseas business office. "We will continue to provide the best products and services to customers around the world through continuous innovation and growth."




InterM was selected as the 'Global Small and Medium Business 1000+' organized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

The "Global Small and Medium-sized Enterprises 1000+" project is designed to support small and medium-sized enterprises with excellent technological prowess and growth potential to strengthen their competitiveness in the global market. A total of 2,080 companies applied, showing a 4.4:1 competition ratio. Based on the volume of exports, 473 companies were selected as the final four categories of global promising, growing, strong and strong, and strong. InterM was selected as a small and medium-sized enterprise.


InterM is leading the global market expansion as the No. 1 PA industry in Korea by acquiring EN 54-16, the European Union's emergency fire broadcasting certification standard, for the first time in Korea and obtaining IRIS certification for International Railway Industry Standards (IRIS).




Recently, Ethernet-based broadcasting technologies such as low-latency streaming transmission are widely distributed as sound systems need to be digitized in various sites such as apartment houses, educational institutions, and facilities.


To address this, InterM acquired NET certification from the National Institute of Technology and Standards in 2022 for “Audio Clock Adjustment Technology for Low Latency Streaming Receiving.”

And in 2024, we developed digital amplifiers PNS-D030 and PNP-D030 that apply audio clock adjustment technology for low-latency streaming reception and demonstrated that they can be commercialized.

Inter-M once again proved its leading position in the domestic broadcasting (PA) industry with the acquisition of the certification.



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