Digital Power Amplifier


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Product Features

■ 2U SIZE Class-D AMP using high output SMPS power


■ Support for emergency broadcasting power (DC 24V)
   In case of power failure, it can be operated with an emergency broadcast battery (DC 24V) without a separate UPS.


■ Provides various outputs and channels according to the installation environment
   300W : DPX-300Q (4CH), 600W : DPX-600D (2CH)
   900W : DPX-900S (1CH), DPX-1200S (1CH)


■ Priority broadcast (PRIORITY) function
   Output PRIORITY input signal in case of emergency


■ Status LED / Input Signal Level Meter
   -30dB, -10dB, CLIP signal indicator, PROTECTION indicator, FAULT indicator, STBY/AC/DC indicator


■ Various protection circuits
   Protection circuit design for amplifier overheat, output short, over input, reverse voltage, earth fault, power failure and DC output


   Set power can be turned on/off remotely using contacts


■ Audio link connector


■ Buzzer on/off

Product specification

Rated Output Power (70V / 100V)300W x 4CH600W x 2CH900W x 1CH1200W x 1CH
Frequency Response (1W, ±3dB)50Hz ~ 20kHz
THD (Rated Power)Less than 1%
S/N (20kHz LPF, A-wtd)More than 95dB
Input Sensitivity / Impedance 0dBV / 20kΩ
Output Level / Impedance100V / 33.3Ω
70V / 16.3Ω
100V / 16.6Ω
70V / 8.1Ω
100V / 11.1Ω
70V / 5.4Ω
100V / 8.3Ω
70V / 4.1Ω
Operating Temperature-10℃ ~ +40℃
Operating PowerAC 220~240V, 50/60 Hz / DC 24V
Power Consumption (1/8 Power)300W300W300W300W
Weight (SET)9.7kg/21.4lb9.4kg/20.8lb9.2kg/20.3lb9.2kg/20.3lb 
Dimensions (SET)482(W) x 88(H) x 424(D)mm / 19(W) x 3.5(H) x 16.7(D)in