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Product Features

CS-503FE is an exposed Ceiling Speaker that can be installed on a ceiling or a wall that has no textile finish. Using V-0 grade flame retardant material suitable for international standards, it is possible to broadcast for a long time under emergency such as fire. 


5" Full-range speaker 


■ Using High quality matching transformer (100V) 


■ Easy to installation 

It is possible to install on the wall surface without the need for a cut-out hole. 


■ Water-resistant cone of the speaker 

CS-503FE adopts PP made water-resistant cone of the speaker that prevents the unit from corrosion. So, the speaker even maximizes its strength in high humidity environments. 


■ V0 rated flame resistant material 

By made up of HIPS V0 rated flame resistant material, it is safe to conduct a long-hour operation even in emergency situations such as sudden disasters and fire. 

Product specification

Type 5" Exposure Ceiling Speaker
Driver 5"
Power Handling (IEC) 3W
Input Power 100V 3/1W
Nominal Impedance 100V 3.3k/10kΩ
Power Selection By Wiring
Frequency Range (-20%)260Hz ~ 10kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 89dB
Maximum SPL94dB
Nominal Dispersion (Conical) 1kHz 180˚
4kHz 60˚
Input connection Euro BLOCK [PCB]
Enclosure Material HIPS (V0) 
Enclosure ColorWHITE
Grille Material HIPS (V0)
Grille Color GRAY
Cut-Out Diameter (Ø, mm) -
Weight (Set) 0.76kg
Dimensions (Net, Ø(WxH)xD, mm) Ø212 x 75
Weather Resistant -
Flame Resistant O
Certification KS
Included Accessories 2xScrew M4