Ceiling Speakers


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Product Features

CS-610 is a Ceiling Speaker optimized for announcement and emergency broadcasting, and designed for high sound pressure. By adopting the method of fixing the grill by using the spring, it is possible to install easily, and 10W, 5W, and 3W output tabs are provided so that users can freely select and install them according to the installation environment. 


■ 6.5" Full-range speaker 


■ Using High quality matching transformer (100V) 


■ Suitable for music playing 

It is suitable for playing music with a wide band bandwidth ranging from 400Hz~4kHz. 


■ Corrosion protection 

Apply corrosion protection coating to enable installation and operation in humid environments. 


■ Dust filter 

Use a dust filter inside the grill to block dust ingress and maintain a clean grill. 


■ Easy installation 

The removable grill is adopted and it is easy to remove and attach. In addition, safety is improved by connecting the unit and cover with wire. 

Product specification

Type 6.5" Full-range Ceiling Speaker
Driver 6.5"
Power Handling (IEC) 10W
Input Power 100V 10/5/3W
Nominal Impedance 100V 1k/2k/3.3kΩ
Power Selection By Wiring
Frequency Range (-20%)100Hz ~ 17.4kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1m) 90dB
Maximum SPL100dB
Nominal Dispersion (Conical) 1kHz 167˚
4kHz 56˚
Input connection Bi-Wired
Enclosure Material HIPS (HB)
Enclosure ColorLIGHT GRAY
Grille Material Metal Grille
Grille Color IVORY
Cut-Out Diameter (Ø, mm) Ø195 ~ 200
Weight (Set) 0.87kg
Dimensions (Net, Ø(WxH)xD, mm) Ø228 x 116
Weather Resistant -
Flame Resistant -
Certification -
Included Accessories -